Mar 28, 2013

The Woods Themselves

It's dark, it's crazy, it's gritty, it's wildly creative, and while some will say it's impact has faded over time, I still find it shockingly violent. Sam Raimi's 'The Evil Dead' is one of my favorite films, and when I saw the Deadite Of The Day Contest post on I immediately set to work. I hauled an old prop out of the attic and gave it a complete makeover. A new head, a new arm, a new paint job and a whole lot of angry molesting tree roots. On the weekend, I took it into the forest and filmed it. I got eaten alive by mosquitos and nearly smashed the camera into several trees, but it was great fun. And since The Evil Dead was one of the movies that inspired me to try out filmmaking, I felt I owed it to it.

I quickly edited the footage together with audio samples from The Evil Dead, uploaded it to Vimeo, and sent it off to for consideration on Monday night. My parents woke me up early on Wednesday morning with exciting news. The article pretty much speaks for itself, so click below for the link:

Needless to say, it was incredible to see myself of Bloody Disgusting. I've been checking their site daily for two years, so it was nothing short of surreal to see my name and prop on their headlines. And I keep thinking about all the people that may or may not end up seeing it (do horror directors check Bloody Disgusting?).

Anyway, here's the video, titled 'The Woods Themselves' - my love letter to Sam Raimi's original 'The Evil Dead'.


  1. Dude! that's awesome! Congrats! Great video...

  2. Marrow!!!! WOW! First of all, congratulations! That's so exciting! Second, I cannot take my eyes off of your prop! It's fantastic! It really looks like it's been lying there, rotting and weathering for a long time. The tree root coming out of the mouth, coupled with the position of the skull and jaw give the sense that this corpse is indefinitely in agony. Terrifyingly, BEAUTIFUL work! You inspire me :)

  3. Thank you both so, so much!
    It's been awesome to get such positive feedback on this, especially since it was thrown together in a few days.
    I really appreciate the kind words.

  4. Blown away by your creative talent! Please DON'T STOP............

  5. That was great, man. Love the video. Evil Dead is one of my all time favorites. Glad to see you are back at it. :)

  6. Marrow, I saw you featured on Rot's blog and had to stop by and comment. You're putting more hard work and forethought into your projects at 15 than many people I know in college-level art classes, and that is not an exaggeration. That drive to put real effort into what you produce is such an invaluable trait - don't lose it! It also sounds like your parents are really supportive of your creative endeavors, and that's awesome. Best of luck to you, man.

    Oh, and this blog is now officially on my reading list!

  7. I said it a long time ago and I will say it again now, you are amazing kid. -Scottsquatch

  8. I had not seen this man, it is cool. I shared it with my video editing students.