Mar 8, 2013


I've always been a huge movie fan, and I've always been fascinated by the film-making process. I never rent a DVD without watching the special features. I love reading interviews with my favourite directors, and I'll often rewatch movies with the commentary on as I work on props or other such things. I never really thought about making my own movies until I saw The House Of The Devil. I've warbled and raved extensively about this film before, but for whatever reason, it really struck a chord with me. I made a few (very) short films since then, mostly just shot by myself on one night. And I found that I liked doing it quite a lot.

Over the past while, I've been working on making a 'proper' short film. I wrote a script, drew out a storyboard, built props and makeshift camera dollies, and convinced my dad to play the lead (and only) role. We worked till late many nights - it's worth noting that it's summer over here, which doesn't help when you have to film everything after dark (a quick shout-out to my mother and sister, who'd let us kick them out of the living room nearly every night for filming). After many, many hours of filming, re-filming and re-re-re-filming, we finally finished. I've spent the last week or so writing and composing music for it. When I say writing, I mean poking at the piano keys until something nice came out, and when I say composing I mean putting my sister's laptop on top of the piano and recording from the tiny in-built microphone straight into iMovie. Overall, it's been a fantastic and fun experience, albeit with an enormous amount of help from my dad, who happily and enthusiastically complied with my stupid perfectionism, proved to be quite knowledgeable about film-making and let me advertise him as a remorseful child murderer on the internet.

I'm thrilled to announce the beginning of my (very) amateur 'production company' Geisterbahn Pictures, and to debut my first film - Skeletons. It's set on the night before Halloween, and revolves around a reclusive haunter who gets a late-night visit from what appears to be a trick-or-treater.

Get yourself comfortable, put on some headphones and enjoy...


  1. Wow ! What a terrific job! Better than most short films I've seen. The camera framing and angles were outstanding as well as the sound track. I knew someone with your creative ability would not be down long. congradulations on a beautiful piece..I think this is just the beginning of many great things.

  2. Thank you!
    So glad you liked it.

    Definitely looking forward to making more movies, although at the moment I'm focusing on building props for 'The Backs 2013'.
    I think my 'break' may be over.

  3. Nice Work Marrow, who knows, maybe you'll be the next Peter Jackson.

  4. Wow! Excellent job! Get it into some of the film festivals, it's an award winner for sure!

  5. I've already watched it twice! Eerie, intelligent, and an old-school Halloween feel.

  6. Thanks so much, guys!
    Really appreciate it.

  7. Great work man! You are very talented, don't ever stop!

  8. Puts most modern Hollywood schlock to shame. Amazing work!