Mar 27, 2011

Mar 22, 2011


AKA Wishie. Looks like he just opened a pillowcase stuffed with candy after a long night's trick or treating.
Thanks Bean, you really are cool.
Pumpkin Hollow

Mar 13, 2011

Teasers (Filler)

It's true, this is a filler. Not much has been going on down here, and it reflects on the blog. I suppose this is the off-season for most haunters anyway. The last substantial post was in late December.
Mostly, I've been planning. And, thankfully, I actually have plans.

First of all, I have been making my ghost prop. It is going to look something like a 'Wallbreaker'.  Pictures of the completed wallbreaker-ghost should be up by Sunday.

Coming in late April/early May is going to be something very special.
Christmas in July
Haunt Theory - Traditionalism
Put two and two together with a dash of logic.

And finally, the first teaser for this years haunt...
There will be no spiders involved, think outside the box. It's gonna be awesome.