Jan 1, 2017


Well, this is going to be something of a bittersweet post, but it's one that I've been meaning to write up for some time.

Back in 2013, I came to the realization that I was slowly burning out on the whole Halloween/Haunting thing. I had a few projects that year which kept the blog semi-afloat, such as the 'Skeletons' short film and my final installment of The Backs, but deep down I felt like I was just bailing water out of a sinking ship. So after the pitiful 'trilogy' of posts on Halloween 2013, I decided that I'd just leave the blog to die a quiet death instead of trying to drag things out further.

It was sad and a bit scary to leave The House of Marrow behind, because my love for Halloween and horror was such an integral part of myself for so long, but I ended up discovering different ways to channel my creativity. I took up painting and photography at school and started writing and recording music in my own time. I found new things that resonated with me and carved out an identity for myself that was more than just 'The Halloween Boy'. And most recently I ended up living in northern Iceland for 10 months as an exchange student, something which I would never have pictured myself doing a few years ago... at the very least I would've chosen the USA as my host country.

There were certainly times when I considered returning to haunting. Every so often I'd be struck with inspiration and start designing props and planning out displays, but nothing ever advanced far beyond that point. As much as I love them, paper-mache ghosts and ghouls feel like already-covered ground to me... so after several years of consideration, I've decided to close this book once and for all.

The good news is that as one chapter ends, another begins. In just a couple of months I'm going to be moving out of home and starting a four-year degree at a proper art school. I'm beyond excited and I don't know if I'd be heading down this road if it weren't for the creative awakening that haunting and prop-building gave me. So really I'd just like to thank my blog followers and everyone in the haunt community that inspired and supported me through my short-lived adventure with this crazy, wonderful Halloween hobby. I don't know how many of you will end up seeing this, but it truly meant the world to me.

Happy New Year and Happy Halloween for all to come,
Theo (Marrow)