Jun 21, 2012

Juvenilia Morbidus: High Graveyard Hill

A short book I created at age 6 - inspired by R.L. Stine's critically-acclaimed classic 'Attack of the Graveyard Ghouls'. While my 6-year-old handwriting has been reconstituted into readable blog format, the original illustrations remain.

I was upstairs doing my homework and downstairs I could hear my mum shouting to my two brothers. She said "I'm not going to tell you what it is until you stop crying." My brother came upstairs and shouted to me "What did you do with my bag and my baseball hat?"
"I was on my way home through Graveyard Hill when I thought a hand grabbed my ankle. I ran in terror away and forgot the bag and baseball hat."
"I want them back NOW!!! Do you really believe in those graveyard ghouls you wrote about?"

I rang up my friend and told him to come with me to High Graveyard Hill. He said "No WAY, man, NO WAY!!!
"I need to get a bag and a baseball hat."
"OK, I'll come with you."

We stopped when we reached High Graveyard Hill. We climbed up the hill and I flashed my torch around a row of gravestones. I thought I saw something move. I whispered to my friend "Don't be scared you little wap! That was just the trees swaying in the old night wind." I thought I saw something move again.

I found the bag and shouted "Yes!" I found it beside a tree. I grabbed the bag and wiped the frost off it. I was still wiping it and wiping it and wiping it when I looked around. I was looking for the baseball hat. \

I finally found it and picked it up. I saw a deadly human face! I looked at my friend. He was lying down with his head in the baseball hat. The hat was sitting by a half rounded tombstone. I did not realise the hands!

I gazed back at the tree and saw a black figure walking towards me. Something was breathing, so hardly, behind me. The figure walked towards me. I could hear the breathing behind me "Ahh, Ahh, Ahh..." it went. If my friend was that figure, then what was breathing so hard behind me?

"The graveyard ghouls!" I muttered to myself. The creatures I wrote about in my story-writing. They gathered around me, howling and grunching and groaning. They were leaping out of the ground, walking towards me. "H*whh!!! Wh**chch! Sh***chch!!!", they said. 

They gathered around me, grunching and groaning their terrified howls. I screamed out "Help!" Nothing answered. They teared me to bits - into ghouls like them. The shrieks and howls and screams flied into the city of High Graveyard Hill. They ripped my skin, pulled my teeth out, and the most terrifying - ripped off my eyes. I was one of them!

Jun 11, 2012