Jan 24, 2011

Anatomically Correct Ribcage

That mouth, on the other hand, is a completely different story...

By the way, many many thanks to SpookyBlue, Strublay and Pumpkinrot for featuring me on their blogs. You guys are awesome.

Jan 12, 2011

Halloween Haiku

Across the flatlands
A filmy mist infiltrates
The dead are stirring ...

The Necropolis blog
A truly unique and imaginative blog for your daily zap of halloween Haiku. Atmospheric and deliciously spooky, we need more blogs like this in the world.
Check it out. :)

The sun is setting
A cool breeze begins to blow
This place, a ghost town
(All haikus are by Necropolis)

Jan 9, 2011

Great Uncle

Gather around children, I want to tell you a tale or two...

Jan 2, 2011

Groundbreakers Revisited

 And grizzly ghouls
 from every tomb
 are closing in

 to seal your doom...