Apr 30, 2013

Logs, Shears & Skulls on Sticks

Setting up The Backs today. I'm going for a sparser, less overgrown look this year - although, that's not to say it won't be featuring new props. I'll be taking photos at late afternoon and then again once darkness has fallen, They should be posted up here in the next few days. Till then, Happy Halfway-to-Halloween...

Apr 11, 2013

A Word of Thanks and a Haunter Spotlight

This is a post that's been a long time coming, and one that I probably should have written up yonks ago. In light of recent events, I felt that now would be an appropriate time to finally get on with it.

 When I first set up my blog back in September 2010, I never figured anyone would end up seeing it. I didn't even bother to make the obligatory 'first post' post. Just under a month later, I got my first comment from Pumpkinrot. Incredibly excited, I wrote an exceptionally embarrassing reply. I soon discovered another comment that was infact posted a week earlier than Rot's. I learnt then that nothing went unnoticed on the internet, and also that there was a comment notification tool in the Blogger settings.

Looking back on where I was then, I couldn't be more grateful for all the support and encouragement I've gotten over the past few years. I want to thank my blog followers and commenters, and all the friendly folk over at hauntforum.com for your endless praise and enthusiasm. It's you guys that keep me going, and for that, I am infinitely grateful.

I'd also like to thank all of the bloggers (and vloggers) who've featured my props and linked to my blog. It's always such an awesome and gratifying feeling to get a spotlight on someone else's blog. While writing this post, I tried searching to find all the blogs that have featured me in the past but got freaked out that I'd overlook or forget some. I guess you know who you are.

Finally, I'd like to give a special thanks to Spooky over at spookyblue.com. His site was the one that got me into prop-building in the first place, and he featured my blog when it was still in the foetal stage. Since then, we've been keeping in email contact. Kind, helpful, enthusiastic and endlessly supportive, he has been a true mentor to me.

But what's a whole lot of thankyous without returning the favour? Necropolis is a freshly-hatched blog run by a friend of mine - 'Cadaver'. I first met him because he was the younger brother of a friend (by two years), and on October 31st 2011, he and his brother showed up at my Halloween display. He was fascinated by the props and set-up, and decided to try it out for himself. His older brother and I parted ways a while ago when we went off to different high schools, but he and I keep in close email contact. He sends me photos of props he's working on, I give feedback and advice, we discuss horror movies and prop-building techniques... He's incredibly enthusiastic and seems to be churning out new props every week. He's also started at my school this year, so it's been cool seeing him round. I've recently started nagging him to set up a blog, and, as always, peer pressure triumphs. Be sure to check out his blog - Necropolis.

[All props and photos by Cadaver]