Mar 27, 2011



  1. Awesome...truly haunting. Nice work!

  2. very nice job, Marrow. now you've got me thinking this is something I can do that won't take up anymore space. it can just go on the wall. I'm not doing Halloween again this year and haven't wanted to build anything larger than a breadbox because i'm in a studio apt type deal where everything is in one room. but this would work. thanks for the inspiration

  3. Thanks everyone! HalloweeNut - you never thought it was going to be anything NICE,
    did you?

    RavenLunatic, glad this inspired you. The ghost itself was actually inspired by a scene from the awful horror movie 'The Messengers'. A whole bunch of crazy ideas then mixed themselves into it: black dripping from the eyes and blue (apparently ectoplasm) stuff between the ribs. The whole thing was really just an experiment, this was the first time I tried making an anatomically correct (of sorts) ribcage, and experimenting with icky tendons in the neck.

    Good luck if you decide to make a wall-breaker, SpookyBlues tutorials explain the basics of this kind of stuff. Incase you've been under a rock for the past six years, heres a link: the top 4 tutorials are probably most useful. And if you need any help, you can email me at

  4. Wicked work man...really nice.