Apr 16, 2011

More Midnight

The (lovely) owner of the shop window where I set up my Halloween display sent me these photos taken by a friend of hers.

I love them to shreds. Thank you so much!


  1. Very cool. That last picture is probably my favorite.

  2. Reminds of those photos of cryptiods you see on the news.

  3. The skeletal witch is outstanding! I love the pose and the draped fabric. Excellent work!

  4. Thanks guys!
    The witch was one of the first props I made, and she is totally my favourite. There's this magic to her that really can't be capture with a camera. Something about her, the way her wide brimmed, crooked hat obscures her skeletal face. I imagine Pumpkinrot's Johnny Appleseed is the same, but Bean and Rot can totally capture that magic.

    If you click on the BOILED DOWN button in the sidebar and scroll down a bit, you'll find some photos I took of her in the woods.

    She has been residing at the end of my bed for the past year. Watching me sleep.