Aug 17, 2011


It's snowing. It's actually snowing outside.
It's winter over here in New Zealand, but it NEVER snows where I live. Never ever.
I heard on the news that it last snowed like this 40 years ago.

A huge winter storm has been sweeping up the country for the past few days. Temperatures dropped below freezing point, huge amounts of hail dumped on everything, sleet, rain, gale-force wind, and snow.

Around 11:00 on Monday morning, were were getting some really decent snow outside, so we got taken out of class to play in it. It was drifting down all around us, little white flakes floating lazily to the ground. Occasionally the wind picked up and icy snowflakes flew into our faces. The whole experience was incredible. People were jumping around and yelling and opening their mouths wide to eat the stuff.

There wasn't enough snow to actually build up on the ground, but yesterday, late afternoon, there was a huge hail storm and I ventured outside with the camera. Our entire street was smothered in hail, the roads and sidewalks were all white. Hail had built up an inch thick on windscreens, and there was a soft crunch under my feet as I walked around, awe-struck. Never before has anything like this happened around here. Here's some pics I snapped (mostly of my back-yard).

A miniature snowman I built when the first snow was falling on Sunday.

Hot spiced apple juice (lots of cinnamon and clove).

I took the following photo just before a huge flash of lightning.
Afterwards, I stopped and listened to the huge, booming, rolling thunder that lasted 20 seconds. Then the hail came beating down full force and I raced back home, drenched and shivering.

Keeping warm and toasty.

It's magic. Cozy, snowy, white magic.


  1. Haha we are finally getting some decent weather that isn't hot as hell here. I'd hate for snow or hail now, though. It's just starting to get autumn-ish outside and I'm trying to bask in it as much as possible.

  2. Weather is so amazing when you can you can just sit & enjoy watching it.
    Stay warm!

    btw - it's weird saying that when it's summer here in the US !!

  3. Trust me, if you got snow every winter like I do here in Ohio, you'd be sick of it. I'm glad you had fun!

  4. I am so ready for snow.....

  5. It's so magical! try to remember it when the hot weather hits. It snows here in the desert sometimes, a light frosting, but it's so rare and precious that I want to dance around like a lunatic.

  6. @Autumnforest,
    Sounds like here! You are given full rights to dance like maniac in the snow as much as you want...

    Thanks for the comments everyone :)