Aug 6, 2011


My wallbreaker ghost was originally named Kutsuu. He was inspired by Japanese ghost films, and Kutsuu is Japanese for agony/suffering. He was a sad soul, perhaps he was a victim of a brutal murder - his mutilated body buried in a concrete wall. Years of hatred and sadness finally led to his soul breaking free from his concrete tomb (caught conveniently on camera by yours truly). But when the time came to post the pictures on my blog, it felt wrong. This was only a few weeks after the tragic tsunami that killed 20,000 Japanese civilians. I renamed the post Manifestation and erased all traces of 'Kutsuu' from my blog.

Fun Fact:
Kutsuu has a tube running from his throat to a hole in the side of his stomach, thus allowing marbles to be run down through his body. Something I'd wanted to do for a while. Expect more of this sort of silliness.
Kutsuu is now being recycled, reborn. Keep an eye out for him in this year's haunt.


  1. Very tasteful of you to rename your prop. What was he recycled as? Or can you say yet?

  2. Can't say just yet. But I can tell you that his life isn't getting any easier.