Oct 31, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Pt. I

They call her 'Sister Slipper' and 'The Ghost of Fever Hospital'. Every night, she'd be sent out to check on the patients in only her dressing gown and slippers. Except that one night, she never came back. You can still see her sometimes, wandering the hospital grounds, searching for candles and lanterns to guide her through the dark...


  1. Great pics. I love the feel of them.

  2. Cool I like it ! can't get enough of your work.

  3. Thanks so much!

    Put quite a bit of work into the prop but decided that it looked better all blurred and mysterious.

    And 'Sister Slipper' is a real urban legend about the real 'Fever Hospital'. It's currently being turned into the SPCA.