May 2, 2013

The Backs 2013

Down the bank and through the trees
Where dead leaves whisper in the breeze
Where flowers die in earth bone dry
Is where the cabin sits

 An orange flicker in the gloom
As grim and lonely as a tomb
And far from light and far from sight
Is where the cabin stays

Up the earthen path unpaved
Past pumpkins carved with faces grave
And logs and bricks and skulls on sticks
Is where the cabin waits




We're Halfway to Hallowe'en.


  1. Lovely! I really like the rib cage with the barrel for a head...I'm not sure why, but it gave me the impression that this wasn't a staged scene; like there really was a witch or psycho living here, and this was just the junk and debris that naturally piled up around their home.

    I have to say that for overall mood-setting/atmosphere, The Backs is probably one of the best haunt setups I've seen, online or off.

  2. Yay!!!!
    And one again, wow :) Amazing work. Gives me the itch to start on my projects :)

  3. Thanks!

    I wanted it to look like the backwoods home of, as you said, some sort of witch or psycho. If you look closely at that particular prop, you'll notice that the torso it actually being held up by a makeshift stick frame, with a rusty dish slid underneath to collect the pooling entrails...

    I think the aforementioned witch/psycho might just be me.

  4. Bravo Marrow! Creepy at daytime, haunting at night. & the head prop with the nose is great!

  5. Wow, that is just creepily amazing. I love the shears splitting the jaw from the head, and at night it looks like some brilliant horror movie!

  6. Intense! So, do you have this year's Halloween already mapped out in your mind?

  7. Not really...

    I won't be doing the window display again this year (the window will be in use on Halloween for the next few years) so I'm thinking of making something to go on the blog rather than a public display - a short film or something.

  8. Another beautifully eerie, atmospheric display. Your talent for creating the perfect ambiance with such simple lighting never ceases to amaze me.

  9. You sick little genius. The nighttime photos look amazing.

  10. As always you take my breath away. Amazing.


  11. Would you mind telling me your settings for you DSLR. Especially your night shots. Beautiful stuff.

  12. Thanks so much, everyone!

    We got a new camera a while ago and while I've been endlessly taking photos with it I still haven't even tried to figure out the exposure, aperture etc... All of these were taken on automatic. :)

    It's a Canon EOS 650D if that's any help. Used it to shoot my movies too. And sorry for the late reply - I've been away all week.

  13. I imagine this is what Leatherface's frontyard looks like this time of year.