Oct 1, 2012


Without a doubt, the best month of the year.

I'm thrilled to say that I am currently sitting at the start of both October and a two-week school holiday. That leaves me a whole lot of time for working on props, going on Halloween shopping sprees, watching all my favourite horror movies, listening to Mumford & Sons' fantastic new album and generally enjoying the Halloween season.


  1. Enthusiastically agree! Without a doubt the best!!

  2. Agreed. I am now loving going outside at night and taking a deep breath through my nose the air......smells like Autumn and October.

  3. Two weeks off in October is awesome for a Haunter. Lucky! I have a week off next week and I have to kick into over-drive if I want to get every thing built.

  4. Best holiday ever. Cool blog.

    30 days to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!
    30 days to Halloween, Silver Shamrock!

  5. Thanks, guys!

    Doug, I'm always thrilled to see someone who doesn't hate Halloween III. I thought it was a really fantastic and disturbing movie. And so underrated.

  6. What a wonderful time of the year! Really looking forward to seeing your 2012 display. We've started slowly putting some things out on our end.

  7. I think I know that calendar :D

    Yes, it is the best month of the year!!


  8. Yup! That's the one!
    And thanks again, Chris. I just LOVE the calendar.

  9. Yeah, I love Halloween III! Tom Atkins and Dan O'Herlihy are phenomenal in it. The atmosphere is outstanding. I think it's better than any of the sequels that followed.