May 1, 2012

The Backs 2012

The dirt pathway was littered with autumn leaves, and on either side of it thorns and dead shrubs sprouted from the dark soil. Crude crosses of wood were posted into the dry ground, jutting from the earth at odd angles. On top of each was placed a human skull, some with withered skin and tissue still clinging to their ancient, yellowed bones. Flickering jack o'lanterns lined the pathway which led up to an old cabin. And shrouded in shadows, an empty wooden chair sat in the doorway. 

Once you've stepped upon the dirt trail, there is no way out but forward...

We're halfway to Hallowe'en.


  1. Halfway there! I love the night shot of the path leading up to the chair. Well done man.

  2. love the pumpkin trail --- perfect entrance to a very eerie trail.

  3. This is awesome! I posted about the half-way point too! One quick question. How did you get your jack o-lanterns to light up so well? What do you put inside them?

  4. Thanks heaps, everyone!
    Just one cheap tealight candle in each. Infact, some of the candles became really dim, and every jack o' lantern was blown out by the wind at least once. I do edit the photos a bit - adjusting brightness, contrast, color temperature and saturation. I think the camera I use just makes them look much brighter than they really are.

  5. Got it, thanks Marrow. Again, well done! Truly inspiring.