Jan 12, 2012


I feel that the haunt photos never really did this little guy justice. A lampbearer plagueling: a mutant rat dressed in a crude plague-doctor costume, holding a tall lamp-like stick with a 'witch jar' dangling from it.

A lampbearer plaugeling in it's natural habitat:


  1. That has to be one of the coolest things I have ever, ever seen!!

    Great work my friend!


  2. Thanks so much :D
    So glad you like him!

    The pictures were taken only a few metres from where I photographed my witch back in October of '10

  3. I liked your plague-rats when I saw them the first time around but completely missed his lamp! The design and execution of this particular prop is purely Burtonian (and I am one who really uses that praise extremely sparingly) Great job!

  4. He's cute!

    I really like the simplicity of his design and how he blends in with the environment.

  5. Thanks!

    Burtonian was definitely the idea.
    There were a total of four plaguelings in the display: two in front of the orange light (the one on the right is the lampbearer), and two others hiding in the shadows. They didn't really show up in the photos, and I think they prefer it that way.

  6. Ok, and I thought these guys were cool looking in the video. He is one of my new favorite props I have ever seen! I love little creature props like this and have built a few for my haunt. Now I seriously want to own one even more! :)

  7. Thanks man, I'm afraid to say that these little guys won't be making an appearance in this years haunt, but who knows when they may return...