Jun 21, 2011


I was lying in bed last night, having trouble sleeping. I've been anxious recently about this year's haunt. Anxious as in 'this is going to cost me a lot of money, time and effort. And I've hardly even started. Infact, all there is so far is one prop that hasn't been mache'd yet. I don't want to give away the theme but it will require some big expensive wall panels, furniture shifting, a built-from-scratch window and a whole lot of other complicated things. A huge undertaking.

I was so swept up in the details of it all that I overlooked the bigger things. So I've decided to scale back to a different (and much more do-able) idea. Hell, this is my second haunt ever, I don't need to make it amazing. I should be taking little steps.

Anyway, I've already got my new theme worked out, and I'm filled with a fresh new enthusiasm. It's going to be a very dark haunt this time. And I'm really excited.
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  1. :) Understanding your path is the most important.

    Creativity is borne out of the most unusual circumstances. Looking forward to your latest direction.


  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  3. With some of the props you create - its going to be amazing anyway!

  4. Whoa. More comments than expected. Thanks guys!

  5. I have gone through the same thing. Sometimes my mind is bigger than the amount of days available and the thickness of my wallet. But I've always found that things turn out in the end with many unexpected surprises along the way. It also give you more time to develop that other idea and collect throughout the year and save some too. I'm sure with your talent you will put together something great, looking forward to it. Remember there is always next year...and the year after...etc.

  6. My wallet is never thick enough for what I want to do and get all at once, so I just buy one thing each year and add it to the set up....

    Think of it as leading up to the grand finale.