May 3, 2011

The Backs 2011

No groundbreakers.
No witches.
No scarecrows.
No monsters.
No lights.
No props.

 But plenty of atmosphere.

We're halfway to Hallowe'en.


  1. What great, Atmospheric shots! You have just given me some neat ideas for my own haunt...

  2. *very happy sigh*

    Lovely. Lovely. Lovely. Makes my dark little heart swell with joy just to see all those wonderful photographs.


  3. Thanks so much everyone!
    There was a big rusty cauldron hidden away on the right of the trail, but I didn't get any good pics of it.

    There was also a whole bunch of those blair-witch stick people hanging off a tree. You sorta needed to see them in 3D, they look camoflauged in the photos. Like little stick ninjas.

    I hung half a dozen little rotting apples off the tree which looked great too. Infact, I highly recommend it for your haunt. Crab-apples they were.

  4. In usually. Brilliant work as always!


  5. It is awesome that you can conjure so much by just taking natural bits of forest and arranging it in a creative yet haunting way.