Nov 2, 2010

Marrow House 2010 - Midnight

Pale blue moonlight shone down between the bare branches, casting splodges of light over the hidden burial ground. The witch's eyes flicked over the makeshift grave markers then fell back on the bubbling cauldron.

The graveyard sat in a small clearing just beyond the edge of the woods. Half a dozen bodies lay six feet under the forest floor, marked only with crude crosses thrown together from sticks and twine. The villagers had long since stopped visiting the place, their flowers had rotted into the earth years ago. But the witch had been keeping her eye on the place, waiting for the right time, and now that time had come.

She sprinkled a few herbs into her green brew then gazed up at the graveyard. It was only a few minutes past midnight, but she could already see signs of movement beneath the pine needles. The dead rose up from the earth, their bony fingers twitching, their jaws clacking while the witch watched with cold black eyes. The long dead corpses hauled themselves out of the forest floor, grey rotten skin falling off, putrid black entrails spilling from beneath their exposed ribs.
And they were hungry, so hungry...


  1. This is wonderful! I love what you've done in this space! Even though it's limited you've given it so much depth with the various colors and intensities of lighting and the way you've arranged the props- it's fantastic! Nice work indeed!!

  2. Thanks heaps! I really appreciate it.